In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episodes 12 & 13

   Episode 12 is awesome and very logical, even though it has the abusive slap moment. Said moment both makes sense and yet doesn't. I mean have Usagi and Mamoru been together a long time and yet they never mentioned their birth dates to each other. Kind of illogical on that point, but I could see it happening with all the battles they fight. However what definitely does not make sense is the giant crowd at the end of the scene. Where did all these gawkers come from?

    On another note Haruka has pretty much the only still cool fashion in terms of civilian clothes. Seriously all the others are kind of dated or in Mamoru's case horrible. Even by the mid-nineties that sweater would have been considered ugly and out of fashion? Speaking of fashion for one more second the concept of glass slippers as actual shoes just does not work due to their breakable nature. So why did they try and recreate a fairytale moment? Heck how many fairytales have they referenced in all the episodes of Sailor Moon that exist?

   As for the voice acting it is good in both dubs of episode 12, except for the Japanese version of the glass monster. I mean I get the gag that a glass monster would probably have an annoyingly pitched voice but still it hurt my ears to hear it. Also the warrior outfit is better suited by the take the original English voice actress did since she actually sounds tough. Overall I prefer the Japanese dub for this episode including the epic looking preview of episode 13.

   Episode 13 makes me wonder how many of the original viewers from its Japanese premiere date saw it and went "Wah!" I ask this because it is a major letdown after the 'next time on' preview we get from the previous episode. Seriously this episode takes a 180 degree turn from dramatic to gag-filled at the midway point. For crying out-loud Minako's disguise is worse than any time Usagi has used her own disguise pen! Was Minako's pen defective or something? Also I thought Kaolinite was supposed to be smart? Finally why do Uranus and Neptune also learn Sailor Moon's identity in the English dub but Usagi is apparently the only one to learn others' secret identities in the Japanese?


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