Ninjak Issue 12 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

    The coloring and general design of Ember in "The Lost Files" story seems like it could be off. However since I can't remember if we have saw him powered down last issue I am going to write this off as a nitpick. (Yes I know this is lazy but this is my blog.) As for the rest of the art for both stories it is very good, and works in a way that makes the expositions necessary. Also characterization is top-notch and it possibly presents us with the most likable version of the current Shadowman. Though I do think Neville dialogue's got a bit jarring around the first mention of "Demon Barristers." Of course that may just be the ignorant American part of my personality rearing its head. Overall I think this is an awesome issue that presents lots of potential ideas that Valiant could explore in the future.


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