Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Gad Glad Is Very Sad Edition

1. Wolverine Origins #21 (2008) features a weak narrative where Deadpool is concerned. This is due to the poor attempts at comedic shtick and the generalized insanity Deadpool is given in this realistic setting. The dialogue is another weak spot in the writing. Finally Wolverine's claws are way too long on the cover so there is no way he could house them in his arms.

2. "Marvelman And The Stolen Radium" is a story that was published in Marvelman #25 (1954) and it has a weak plot and terribly executed plot twists. For instance Marvelman just gets involved through happenstance. Also the villain apparently had some connection to the plot yet is never truly seen till the unmasking scene. Finally said bad guy's plan and activities are revealed in a exposition filled thought bubble.

3. The story "Marvelman And The Stolen Reflections" from Marvelman #32 (1954) has okay art. However there are multiple lettering mistakes. Finally the villain's ambition is to be the master of the "world's greatest orchestra!"

4. Remote #1 published in 2015 by Double Take, LLC has a boring narrative that seems more like a one-shot than an on-going's premiere. There are also continuity problems within the boss character's panels, besides the really obvious proportion problems with his head.


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