Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 The Venom Shivers Edition

1. Venom #1 from 2003 has chaotic interior line work and a made for the trade script.

2. 1983's Marvel Team-Up #126's first story with Luke Cage/Power Man and The Son Of Satan is almost okay except for the abrupt ending. It just needed more room to develop. The alleged team-up between the Hulk and Spider-Man is just a fight between the two.

3. Nightcrawler #1 from 2004 is problematic from the amount of security on duty in the initial setting to basic grammar issues. Also having been a child resident of a mental hospital in my youth I know for a fact that this story has a unrealistic opening. The fact is that children are usually not left unattended by orderlies or nurses in the play areas. Not to mention the way Nightcrawler gets involved is highly unusual given the opening incident is being investigated by official investigators.

4. Honor #1 published in 2015 by Double-Take, LLC. is essentially just one day in two cops' lives. The art is too subtle at times. Finally the narrative could have used a mature readers warning label and something actually occurring with the zombie.


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