Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 What About This Cover Edition

1. The cover to DC's Freedom Fighters #2 (1976) is horribly designed for a number of ways. First off the villain turns half the heroes to silver with one hand yet only threatens the other half. Another problem is the center spot is just missed which means buyers' eyes are not being taking anything in right away. This possibly caused the loss of some initial buyer interest for the issue. Finally there is the overabundance of text. Said text includes a dumb sentence suggesting that this group is "THE NEWEST SUPER GROUP Of All!" The reason this is idiotic is the fact that would mean there would never be another super group.

2. All-New All-Different Avengers #6 has clunky dialogue, uneven pacing, and various other text related problems. In my opinion this entire series is starting to be the worst thing Mark Waid has ever written. (For those who disagree know that I think Waid is usually way more talented then this and I hope things turn around on the title.)

3. The 'Kull' story from Kull The Destroyer #15 from 1974 has an abrupt, anti-climatic ending. It also has a weak opening, and plot, that relies too much on one having read previous issues. Finally the narration is jarring in certain places like the second page.

4. The second story titled 'Help' found in Kull The Destroyer #15 was originally published in 1962's Strange Tales #94. It has two simple problems: Problem one being the lack of anything really happening to excite or entertain the reader. The latter problem being that the alien is an idiot who can not figure out how to find a hole!


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