Recommended Comics List Of 4 Cross That Horse Edition

1. Cross #0 published by Dark Horse Comics in 1995 jumps right into a story already in motion. This will not work for everyone but the story and art are pretty great for a mid-nineties comic book. The background information on the Cross character and brand is another reason for acquiring this issue, especially for those interested in the writing profession.

2. Slab #1 published 2015 by Double-Take, LLC.  is a decent period piece zombie comic. Though it does have a few grammar mistakes. Also unlike other comics set in this publisher's universe we actually get to see zombies action in this issue.

3. X-Men #110 from 1978 is a great example of how to write a team book with the characters acting as individual parts of a unit. It is very accessible and definitely okay for kids to read. Also it does not feel dated except in terms of some of the fashions. From a comic studies perspective it is a good example of how the X-men have changed in narrative style from their beginnings to current times.

4. The movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from 1990 because it is arguably the best non-comic version of the franchise. Yes it is dated but at least it is not illogical like Michael Bay's version.


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