Sleeping With Other People Movie Review

  This doesn't seem like it is just inspired by and styled similar to When Harry Met Sally but an improvement on the basic premise. Said premise being two friends falling for each other while missing the obvious happening and then finally ending up together. Yes there are some similar feeling moments however there is nothing truly derivative in this movie. Heck, from the varied and frank discussions on sex and relationships to the supporting and minor characters this is arguably a much better movie. Certainly a more positive outlook on life and relationships of all kinds. No one feels like a stereotype or cliche either.

  In terms of on-screen chemistry, both romantic and just working well together, everyone plays well off each other. Even when characters are being jerks there is still something to like or at least a reason to see them as human. As for jokes the script has a few moments that almost makes things feel awkward but the writing and direction quickly course corrects this issue. The climax is a little spontaneous and violent yet realistically honest. I did have one problem with the movie's lighting during one of the early scenes due to how bright it is and where it positioned located. Finally The wardrobe is flattering in a hip and sensible way.

   My Verdict: I enjoyed this movie and very much recommend it.


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