A & A: The Adventures Of Archer And Armstrong Issue 1 Advance Review With Spoilers

Warning Of One Small Spoiler

   While I found no actual problems with this issue I do have two nitpicks. One is the minimalism could have been a bit less in a few instances. The second is that the summary page is probably going to be skipped over by some readers on the first go through and thus a revelation will be rendered less shocking.

   As for the actual story it is a great bit of entertainment that is very fresh in how it feels. The art is cartoony in design with strong lines and a lot of depth. Both the visual and text-base gags are sure-fire hits. There are also a few "WTH!" moments in this issue that will astound even veteran comic book readers. I would say more but then I would go to spoil the entire issue. Simply put this is an extremely good first issue that I recommend be added to pull lists.


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