Bloodshot Reborn Issue 11 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   Lewis LaRosa's art is not as precise during the beginning scenes, but he does give an honest and good enough explanation in the commentary that I will only deduct a half point. That being said the art is still great to admire and good enough that it tells the same story as the writing. As for the writing it borders on the fringe of Unforgiven (1992) and Old Man Logan (2008-2009) territory. Luckily this tale has a good number of different concepts and cliches to make it original enough that it barely avoids being a retread. Finally the color palette was slightly hurt by the lack of precision, but it is still a good selection.

   My verdict: recommended for completist and those already reading Bloodshot Reborn. Though I am not sure if non-Valiant fans will enjoy it.


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