Blue Asteroids Cowboy Bebop Episode 24 Opinion Piece

   Questions and Wonderings! Was this episode supposed to be a way to possibly continue the Cowboy Bebop brand with Ed and Ein as the leads? Cause it does suggest that at the end right before the credits. Another thing I am wondering about is if the movie Cool Hand Luke had anything to do with the egg scenes. I mean the egg eating competition in said movie was sort of like the scene featuring Jet and Spike. Finally how does such an absent-minded, crazy man still remember he ever fathered a kid?

    The English dub had better voice acting in terms of emotions in the vocals. Also the small changes in dialogue vastly improve things. For example the "fickle heart" saying Jet mentions after Faye's second departure. Though the constant shifting on which character is being focused on is annoying.

    Note: Next update will be up tomorrow night, and it will feature the last two episodes.


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