Blue Asteroids Cowboy Bebop Episodes 25 & 26 Opinion Piece

   In a way I think this is actually a three part finale with the 24th episode "Hard Luck Woman" being the unofficial beginning. Mainly because of the bar scene at the beginning of Episode 25. However, it is also because the characters really lose their innocence in various ways, such as Ed and Ein leaving for good, in episode 24. Though Spike really loses his innocence after the deaths of Annie and Julia in Episode 26.

   Speaking of Julia she is not really a female character designed simply to die because of how much weight she gives to the story, Not to mention how she affects the main cast every time she is brought up in the series. She feels like a well-developed character to me because of the reasons I listed above this sentence.

   As for Episode 26 I think it has to be watched with Episode 25 in one's native language in order to get the full impact. Especially for all the subtle details like the Bruce Lee poster (25) and Bull's playstation (26). Though any viewer with a form of depression, or other mental illness, should be careful when watching these two episodes due to various triggering subjects. For example the fact Spike views his reality as a dream could be triggering if one does not feel grounded in our universe's reality.

  Questions! What was the real past with the three senile men that were used as a running gag in the series? How close of a tab was Julia keeping on Spike's whereabouts? Why were the Elders of the syndicate unarmed and stupid enough to be in the same place at the same time? Anyone else feel there are probable similarities to the Elders way of maintaining power and Jabba the hut's? So are Jet and Faye safe after Spike kills vicious and dies? Were Ein and Ed in danger due to knowing Spike during the events of these two episodes?


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