Captain Midnight Issue 24 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  The finale issue wastes the build-up that the last few issues, and certain stories from X and Skyman, created. To be specific there is no sudden alien invasion and no defeat of The Archon. While the former was expected not to be resolved in this issue the latter was something that needed to happen. Without The Archon being either killed or incapacitated and imprisoned the story built to nothing.

  Another problem is that the opening pages waste space on a flashback that serves no point. Said wasted space could have been better used to give an explanation of how in the world Captain Midnight survived certain death. I mean he is a human character with the limitations of a human, and yet he survives being in the center of an explosion. There is no explanation as to how he is alive on the last page. Heck, The Archon actually suspects Captain Midnight of sabotage via an explosion yet has no reason to believe Midnight is alive. In other words this issue is severely illogical, and that is not even going into all the problems with the art. Regarding the art problems the major standouts are  The Mark jumping forward in an impossible pose and the minimalistic areas having problems in terms of the faces.

 Severely not recommended!


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