Fair Voyage Ch: 1 An Independent Comic By Andrea Bell Review

    This comic is finely paced and beautifully designed and drawn. However the fact there is a single mild expletive did take me out of the story a tiny bit, and this is because the designs look little kid friendly. Also the dialogue is very close to being realistic with just two degrees off from being completely realistic. Finally there are a few lettering mistakes that if Andrea Bell can fix for printings than this issue will greatly improve. First there is the fact "shield" is misspelt one time. Secondly there are some punctuation and word balloon size problems.

    My verdict: Recommended for those who are fans of Elfquest or fantasy tales. Also I feel that with the help of a patron of the arts Andrea Bell could take the comic book and art industries by storm. As it is I think she may have the makings of a future success story on her own. Though this opinion may change based on what Ch. 2 & 3 are like when I read and review them.
    Note: Andrea Bell's comic can be found at fairvoyagecomic.tumblr.com


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