Imperium Issue 13 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  The first computer we see is just the opening bit in a salvo of anachronistic elements in this issue. I mean Livewire is not young enough to have been a kid at the point that obviously photoshopped computer was prominent. Another example is the smartphone model shown in the school setting flashback. While the phone example could have gone unnoticed by certain readers the computer problem makes it, and all the other artistic flaws, pointedly obvious. These flaws vary from the layout design reminding readers this is a sequential fictional narrative to the bolded "I" in the creative credits.

  As for the writing it is not at the level of Dysart's previous scripts. For example a teen in the school flashback suggests he and Livewire watch adult content while addressing the back of her head. This happens for no reason. Finally there are time jumps in the present day section and it negates a nature story flow.

  My verdict: Not recommended because I know they could have done better.


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