In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 14

   The three kids' "Old Lady" insult (Japanese dub) thrown at Minako is better than the threat about telling their parents on her (English dub) during the fair. Speaking of that moment one kid sounds way too manly in the original English version. Another difference I liked was the main cast's meeting at the table in the Japanese version not being as obvious with the reuse of the straw. Though both versions were okay in terms of dialogue the Japanese version is better for its voice acting and script. Speaking of the script both versions should have given allowed Chibi-Usa to have more screen time after Luna-P's cameo.

   Questions! Does Usagi actually have to spin or have her hands free to use her current main attack? Where was Luna-P in the rest of this episode? What was Chibi-Usa doing during the early fair scenes?


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