In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 16

  This episode's original English version sucks the good out and replaces with stupid and suck! For example the unnecessary addition of humming during the group power moment during the battle. Not to mention the addition of lines such as at the end scene is a waste of money. This does not mean the Japanese dubbing is perfect, but it is more entertaining and intelligent in presentation. Especially smart and wise was the fact that silence spoke volumes during the train goodbye.

   Question time! Why did Makoto not get a new special attack to use against the monster? Also how did relaxing improve her attacking ability enough to get past the monster's defense? The baddies are just now asking about specifics regarding how to identify the talismans why exactly? Was the Pillow fight a covert perverted moment or just a normal bit of comedy? Cause we have had a lot of unnecessarily crude moments this season and I am a little worried it may have partially been one. Finally how does that car appear out water and other locations and no reports it? For crying out loud there have been monsters for three seasons/series now so someone would have to believe the reports!


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