Ninjak Issue 13 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

    This issue has three times it kind of fails in the text. Two times it is because Matt Kindt apparently left out a word, sentence or paragraph that is needed to keep a logical flow happening. Thus the story and summary jump ahead and this jars the reader out of the comic. The third time is the unnecessary usage of Master Darque's name and title in "The Lost Files" story. However, the stories are still entertaining enough to read.

   As for the art it is more kinetic in the first story, while the second is more textured. There are more panels having to be used for the subtle details of the first story, and this adds a little to its kinetic feel. Though the second story is more of a character study and thus slower paced due to the lack of action scenes. Finally the colors and lettering are well done.

   My Verdict: The single issue format is recommended only for those who regularly buy this series. While the collected formats are recommended for all other readers.


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