Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Apes Fail Punisher Edition

1. Marvel Apes #1 (2008) is poor in terms of writing and art. Examples being the word count and the Gibbon pre-transformation flashback panels. Also if I remember right the lettering has problems as well, though I could be wrong about this part. Finally the concept comes across like a simple cash grab.

2. Punisher #1 from 2009 is just another example of how the Punisher would never be allowed to kill a major villain. In this case the original Norman Osborn a.k.a. the original Green Goblin. Also Sentry is in this and he is/was a terrible rip-off of Superman. Mainly due to how he (The Sentry) is inconsistently written, which is something I have stated before.

3. Infinity Inc. #25 from 1986 has two significant problems. One is having to address the changes wrought by the then recent finale to Crisis On Infinite Earths, while in the same issue they had to tell a regular story as well. Though the main problem is that Todd McFarlane's pencils are clearly visible under inks of Tony DeZuniga. This makes the art look rushed in way too many places in a single issue. It is so obvious and ugly that it can take you out of the story if you focus on it too long.

4. The Punisher: Bloodlines has one massive problem it was released in 1991 but tries to say that Frank Castle's family was gunned down "SIX MONTHS AGO." Not only is this odd considering the Punisher was still firmly established as being a Veteran from the Vietnam War, but it does not adjust the fashions to reflect the times. Also it makes the "War Against Drugs" central to the plot and that was not really a political phrase until the 1980s. Finally the lettering could have been less all caps shouty madman.


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