Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Sexism Sucks Edition

1. Supergirl #9 from 1973/1974 is chockful of racist and sexist material.

2. Rise #1 published 2015 by Double Take, LLC. This issue is not as bad as most of the first issues from this company, but it has three problems. First is the interlude in Washington D.C. has no time stamp or mention of location so there is no way to know certain information. The next problem is that the zombies are called ghouls and this is contrary to the other titles set in this universe. Finally the opening page with the credits has a pointless comparison between 1966 stats and 2015 stats. These statistics have nothing to do with the story.

3. Sabretooth #3 (1993) is a great example of a bad comic in almost every way. There are only two bits of character development that actually keep this from being a total disaster. I suggest it be avoided unless one needs it for reference material of some kind.

4. "Introducing Kid Marvelman" was published July 30, 1955 in Marvelman #102. It is a horribly rushed story filled with flaws on the writing, lettering and art fronts. Not to mention it fails to set-up anything including an introduction to Kid Marvelman.


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