Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Volume 8 Manga Opinion Piece

   The circus villains are kinda weird in their entrance at the beginning first chapter of the newer story arc, but not as weird as the talking kaleidoscopes. For crying out-loud that is out there even by my standards of magic! Also weird, and gross, is Chibi-Usa still apparently lusting after her father. She is even in Mamoru's bed with Usagi while this is happening. Finally this chapter really confused me regarding the regular transformation versus the super transformation requirements.

   As for the final chapters that Sailor Moon S is based off of I just hope that it is better explained in Sailor Moon Crystal's upcoming second season. Cause otherwise it will be a very short and kind of unfulfilling story arc.

   Keeping the one question I have about the creator to myself to avoid offending her and other fans of the property.


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