Recommended Comics List Of 4 Comet and The Hangman Edition

1. The Comet #2 from 1983 has decent art and writing while dealing with the subject of child abuse. Though the real reason I am recommending it is the essay by Bill DuBay concerning child abuse and comics history.

2. The Official Audio Adaptation of Archer & Armstrong: The Michelangelo Code by Pendant Productions and Valiant Entertainment's production journal episodes are an interesting lead-in to the series. Recommended for Valiant and Audio Drama fans. Also recommend that audio engineering students check it out. It can currently be found at and iTunes podcast section.

3. Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat #3 (2016) is a great issue that moves the story forward while being an accessible jumping on point. It is also not a standard Marvel superhero story especially with how LBGTQA positive it is. There are a bunch of other great reasons to check this book out, but I will leave them be and just say this is extremely recommended.

4. Doing comic books and related work to promote good things in the world. Even when it involves literally risking one's life to do so.


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