Recommended Comics List Of 4 Doctored Doctor Eight Edition

1. Doctor Who The Eighth Doctor #5 (2016) is very accessible while using the set-up of the previous issues. Also it has two great plot twists. Finally there is the awesome art and coloring.

2. Uncanny Inhumans #6 from 2016. This issue has brilliant use of character skills to resolve multiple conflicts. It also possibly has the funniest scene featuring Black Bolt so far in his history in print!

3. When attending a comic convention where cosplayer, artist and colorist AZPowergirl is in artist alley try and see if you can hear her rant about something. Very amusing to witness! Not to mention intelligent and passionate in terms of style of ranting.

4. Allowing Steve Bryant to have some flexibility when getting a custom art commission. Mine turned out great due to this since he was able to de-clutter the original concept, and he made Bowie Merlin more action oriented. Note: While I have the original copy it will be available as a print people can buy from Steve in the near future. I just need to get and send Steve a scan of the original art tomorrow night.


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