Recommended Comics List Of 4 Houser Dog Edition

1. The Uncanny X-Men #197 from 1985 is a done-in-one story, except for the interludes with Storm, Cyclops, and Nimrod. It features some great art minus a few flaws. Also the cover is simple and action-oriented in design. The story is something that young readers can be handed without worries of explicit content. Finally it is not too dated in terms of things like fashion and settings.

2. The Uncanny X-Men #192 is an entertaining issue that sets up future plot elements while having a mostly good narrative. The only major flaw is the time jump forward near the end of the issue. Finally I will warn that there is realistic violence at the end of the issue that may be triggering for certain people.

3. The Miracleman story "Dragons" from Warrior #5 (1982) is a great example of the sidekick/hero turned villain. It is also a good representation of the work done by Alan Moore and Garry Leach.

4. The Miracleman story "The Yesterday Gambit" from Warrior #4 (1982) is a good time travel story that foreshadows a dark future for Miracleman. The fact it was originally an interlude in the main story is beside the point. Though there is some trouble with the placement of a letterbox, but otherwise it is an easy to follow comic.


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