Recommended Comics List Of 4 Norton's Odyssey Edition

1. 2001: A Space Odyssey #5 published Marvel in 1977 is a fun and weird Jack Kirby creation. Simply a great read for non-hardcore fans of the original work, anti-pollution protesters and all lovers of the comics form. It has several future (now near-future) predictions about how society could adapt to a more polluted world. However there are a few tiny flaws in the storytelling, such as the main character thinking of himself in the third person at one point.

2. The cover to Rom #8 (1980) suggests action and mystery while providing few actual details. It has Rom's chest and left shoulder in the aesthetic sweet spot located in the center of the cover. Also great is the fact the villains are obscured in shadow while partially lit by the lightning. There are flaws near the title and brand logos but the eye is easily distracted by the previously mentioned elements.

3. Criminal: The Sinners #4 (2010) is not great but still good. The only real flaw it has is the expositional narration being too like a prose novel in style and feel.

4. The Miracleman story titled "When Johnny Comes Marching Home..." originally published July 1982 in Warrior #3. Though not completely up to current universal standards of what makes a good comic story it is still an essential read by my standards. It is most easily found in the Marvel published reprint edition Miracleman #2 (2014).


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