Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 Issue 26 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  I am only recommending parts of this issue. My reasoning for this is that only a little more than half is of the story is worth recommending. Though I do fully recommend it for the quality art, well-chosen colors. However, the lettering possibly had a screw-up of some kind on the variant cover judging by merged mess on the review copy. Thus I am not sure what to say about the lettering except that the interior work is fine.

  Now as for the parts of the writing that were good they are: All of the scenes of Xander and Dawn making the best of being in a demon dimension. This is a very recommended selection of scenes due to Xander using his experiences from therapy and construction to help a demon society. I also recommend the bits of text towards the end where it is pointed out to the rest of the main cast that they have done stupid things in the past and present. I can't recommend the rest because of the fact that it is too "teen-angst" in the other scenes, and there are plot-holes involving the demon council being caught unawares. Two examples being how no one distrusted D'Hoffryn or felt the power transfers.

  So to restate my position I am only partially recommending this, and suggesting it be bought in single issue format only by hardcore fans and completists.


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