Fair Voyage Ch. 2 An Independent Comic Book By Andrea Bell Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!    

    This issue has two definite problems that with a little work Andrea Bell will be able to avoid in the future. The lesser of the two is making sure that the band shirts mentioned and shown in this issue are explained and shown more. Explained in how band shirts exist in this fantasy setting could be done in short interludes about the history of this world and its universe. The shirts' logos should be shown more in the sense that their logos are vaguely visible at least some of the time. Doing a single close-up and brief mentions of this type of thing are not enough. Finally the action sequences while nice to look at are in need of more kinetic motion (ex. page 33), and possibly Des's kicks being slightly off in terms of anatomical correctness (ex. page 34).

   Overall though this continues to be solid work from a solo creative talent. It is fun and consistent in terms of tone, pacing, and design. The line work is very strong and sure. I still am regarding Bell as a talent to look out for in the future, and I recommend this issue.


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