Faith Issue 3 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   I think Francis Portela needs to work on two areas in order to be a better artist. These areas are minimalism and overhead full body design work. The example of the former is when Faith's facial features are almost nonexistent, yet she is still close enough in frame that we should see them. As for the latter flaw in the art it is when she is hunched over the computer and her overall design does not scream Faith. I think especially found the nose to be too different. On the plus side each problem is only on a single page of this issue. Overall I think Francis Portela and Marguerite Sauvage are killing it on this book!

   Now as for the story I was actually kind of hoping the organization that Faith was facing was related to Dead Drop. Unfortunately that is not the case, and this dampened some of excitement I had while reading the issue for the first time. As for the the solution to Faith's secret identity dilemma that last issue ended on I will just say it is handled deftly. However while the text is great in a lot of other ways there happens to be one word that is wrong. I don't know why it was not caught by the staff at Valiant, but one of the henchmen Faith tries to question says "for" when he should be saying "from."

   My verdict: Extremely recommended! Also for those who haven't yet learned this summer Faith gets a shot at ongoing status starting with a new first issue.


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