Imperium Issue 14 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   While the use of holograms, Liveware's ship attack, and Harada's doubts are all interesting story elements this issue is a mess. It is mainly Khari Evans over-reliance when using real photos as an artistic shortcut. One of the many examples are the ocean and sun parts found in the last few pages. His drawn line work starts to degenerate around the tenth or eleventh story pages. Not to mention Evans apparently got lazy on in some areas, such as the layout of the first page. However, some of the fault has to fall on the editors for not limiting the damage these flaws cause.

  As for Joshua Dysart, his script is merely okay. This is due to the story's pacing stalling around the 10th page, which causes it to feel like the issue's conclusion is nigh. Finally certain pieces of dialogue feel just a bit clunky.

  My verdict: Not recommended, especially because nothing seems to have actually happened in this issue.


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