In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 18

   This episode is odd, but thankfully it is not in the disturbing or annoying ways of the previous episode. What makes it odd is Usagi and the other females in this episode actually use physical attacks. Which is about as rare as the Filmation era version of He-Man showing obvious, and canonical, romantic interest in Teela. In fact Sailor Moon and Chibi-Usa actually have a nicely drawn double kick that looks like it could have worked if not for the trap. (Uranus on the other hand looks horribly drawn when attempting what looks like a jump stomp action.)

   As for which is better I have to say though neither of the original dubs is bad I prefer the manga.  I say this due to the Chibi-Usa romance subplot being creepy when one considers she is 900 and the artist is not. Also in my opinion the making of the "Holy Grail/Purity Chalice" is cooler in the manga. It kind of loses some logical sense to have a one-off character work on, and also foreshadow knowledge of what it will become in a memory. Though this fail is kind of negated when he is almost killed by the villainess's car. Which is especially funny since Eudial would have failed her mission if that had happened!

   I only have one question concerning this episode. Is Michuru actually teaching in the Japanese dub or just taking a painting class?


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