In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 19

   I am getting a bit sick of not understanding why that villainess's car keeps popping out of different locales! Honestly I am surprised it still works with how waterlogged it got this time. Speaking of which, how deep is that body of water supposed to be? Also how is it able to back up by itself?

    Next I have to say that both 1990s dubs are enjoyable, but the Japanese dub is more so due to the alcohol mention. Though I will say I am surprised that Usagi had such a radically different reaction to alcohol compared to the season one party she got drunk at. Also surprised at how many rude people wanted to dance with her and Haruka.

   Questions! Why is the doctor's past deemed relevant? Cause in the manga he is possessed by this point. Why does the monster just not increase the volume instead of throwing her weapon? Was the monster's original awesome powers tied into the old fashioned dress? Do the girls ever get any studying done in-between episodes?


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