In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 20

  Why did they make so many stupid dialogue changes for the original English version? Besides the outlandish comment the monster makes about Usagi's hair being the source of her power none of the changes are good. This even affects the plot when most of the main characters are comparing how heart-snatching felt. Instead they are talking about Lita's food.

  As for the acting I think it was better in the Japanese dub mainly because of a more sensible script. I also think it works better during the bits where Minako sounds older while being deathly blue in the face. Heck, it actually seems like the English cast was not even trying for parts of this episode. Case in point when Usagi is shaking Minako in front of the claw machine.

  Questions! Will we see a different look for the phone in the next episode? Why is the Witches Five office apparently so far from Tomoe's lab? What do they (baddies) actually do in terms of business that they need to deduct payment from Tomoe for a broken phone? Would the monster have been bigger, or at least a better fighter, if the whole door had been used in its creation? Did Tomoe just have a spare door, not to mention a saw, lying around? Why did the monster not try and use her key arm to stab the heroines? What were Mamoru and Chibi-Usa doing during this episode? Is Shingo still alive?


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