Lobster Johnson: The Forgotten Man Review With Spoilers

 Warning Of Spoilers!

  This comic is much more interesting than the previous comic starring Lobster Johnson. Mainly because it has more of a horrific and pulpy feel to the narrative. It also excellently plays with the mythology of the Hoovervilles and that the homeless and destitute are often overlooked. However, the plot's legion of cannibals that kill the homeless could have used a better explanation. What needed to be explained was why there were so many and whether the "device" actually worked. Despite this the writing is very strong even with the seemingly random addition of two braggart reporters at the end.

   As for the colors they are subtle and natural in application in a way that helps enhance the various narrative tones. The lettering has perfect placement for allowing both text and art to be enjoyed together while remaining separate. A very rare thing to see in this medium. Finally the art is great if lacking a bit of consistency in certain areas. Most noticeable in the main female character's overly smooth face versus the males' textured faces. In conclusion this is an entertaining and recommended read for fans of, and those who have never, encountered the Hellboyverse.


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