Malleable Comedy Heroics Plastic Man Episodes 1 Opinion Piece

   This is part 1 of an opinion piece series on an entertaining, but mostly forgotten, 1979-1981 Ruby-Spears cartoon series featuring DC's Plastic Man. Unfortunately I will only be covering the material contained on the DVD release. Thus all of the live action, as well as some of the Baby Plas, material will not be covered in this opinion piece series. Sorry about these omissions!

   Now the first episode with the villain The Weed is probably the best only because it is the most quotable. This is simply because they got away with pot jokes aplenty. However if one looks closely there are weirder elements besides The Weed looking like the Floronic Man. For instance Bad Luck Hula has no bottom eyelids. Speaking of eyes, the eyeballs of several characters, including Plastic Man's future baby mama and wife Penny, have flesh color eyeballs. Wild and disturbing if you think too deeply on the matter. Also some of the visual gags, such as the skateboard on the ship, are just out of nowhere.

   Though if one compares The Weed to the poorly done Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde parody Dr. Irwin/Mr. Meteor than the series apparently went downhill super fast. However I think the second segment to this first episode is just ill thought out. My reason for this is because it is paced narratively like filler material and that is what it is meant to be. Is it good? Nope! Is it as bad as Hanna Montana or annoying like The Batman? Not by a long shot! It is simply a basic product of its time, as I feel most of the episodes will turn out to be.

   Next time: I hope to delve into why Penny and The Chief are strong female characters of that time and our still potential role models for women.


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