Malleable Comedy Heroics Plastic Man Episode 2 Opinion Piece

  The Clam gets the one realistic eyeball in this series why? That is seriously messed up and this is an episode where the main story has a lot of unseen New Yorkers dying due to a flood! Not to mention the unseen fish in the secondary story dying and disappearing due to oceans being trapped in regular size bottles. Damn censors really did not pay attention to this show's messed up stories!

   Another kind of mess-up is the factor of the many artistic flaws. For instance one of the stories has random and obvious character design changes. Plastic Man even ends said story with a Jay Leno kind of chin. Not to mention The Clam has an eyepatch that looks to constantly be chewed on whenever he talks.

  I also am amazed by how many times they have already had the villains fake video calls from the Chief. It makes me wonder if Plastic Man's boss is even real, especially because of how lifelike the puppets look.

  My final thought for this episode is that it is entertaining despite its many narrative blunders.


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