Malleable Comedy Heroics Plastic Man Episode 3 Opinion Piece

   The first story "The Horrible Half-Ape" is much better than the second story "Hugefoot." This is mainly due to how parts of the former should not work yet the inventive craziness makes it all awesome. For example Plastic Man turning into a kite to save his pals and himself really does not work. Yet what does work is the astounding fact that the aliens held hostage by Half-Ape have butt-shaped heads, and things like this eclipse the stupid bits.

   Also the first part left me with the following questions: Why was Half-Ape allowed to show his invention at the beginning so publicly if he had no guarantee of success? Did he test it before using it on himself? Who approved human trials? Which part of Africa? Did no one on the production staff realize that Africa is a continent? How does a crazy human that looks like he is half ape suddenly gain the ability to talk to actual apes? Why did the real apes look sort of attracted to Hulu, Plastic Man, and Penny upon first spotting them? When did Half-Ape go crazy and think his ape side had a separate personality? What besides Diamonds grows on the trees of the aliens' home planet?

   As for the "Hugefoot" story I only have to say that it is a waste of time, because it is basically about a gangster who looks a little beastly. Not to mention the macguffin is a future viewer that should render the whole plot mute. All the scientist would have to do is change/avoid one to two factors that lead to that future and theft avoided.


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