Malleable Comedy Heroics Plastic Man Episode 4 Opinion Piece

  "The Miniscule 7" part of this episode is so contrived that I am surprised it was produced.  For crying out loud the 7 have to rely on teamwork throughout the episode and they are constantly tiny. This episodes raises the following unanswered questions that basically help ruin any way the episode could work: How are they not just stepped on? Why did the Coach at the beginning not remember being tied up by spaghetti? How do they pay for things like their tiny clothes? Were they once regular sized? Do they have a way to become regular sized? Why enter the basketball tournament to steal stuff they can't ever fence due to the heat it would have around it? Finally there is the enigma of how Penny survived the whole process of becoming part of a chocolate bar. Cause yet again she should have died!

    As for "Moonraider", I think with a little work this part could have been better. Some example of things that could have been fixed are the lack of accurate science and how poorly they paced the story. Though the fact that this fictionalized version of NASA has a booth that can quarantine bad luck from Hula-hula basically says this episode is just for fun. Not to mention that it is kind of parodying the James Bond movie Moonraker by the title and basics of the plot. Overall it is the better of the two Plastic Man stories from this episode.


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