Movie Review With Spoilers Of Jane Wants A Boyfriend

Warning Of Spoilers!

   This movie is pretty good at exploring one way autism can be in a slice of life tale. The story actually uses the word neurotypicals early on. It also shows that people with autism can sometimes have relatives that care about them, and yet at the same time those relatives do not understand them. It also does not rely solely on meltdowns and awkward social situations for most of Janes scenes. This is a major plus compared to Mozart And The Whale which is a movie I have had severe sensory trouble with while watching. Speaking of meltdowns, the one major case of it in the movie is very realistic in terms of POV shots and acting. However the character that is on the failed date with Jane does not seem to be a lower functioning Autistic, but more of a low IQ agoraphobic.

   As for the real romance in the movie there is a connection one could make regarding the male love interest's thoughts on soups and how it might relate to his attraction to Jane. Speaking of said romance the credits show Jane's rom-com black & white movie idea in a very subtle and fun way.

   Finally the story flows at a nice pace, looks to be very rewatchable, has great lighting, and phenomenal acting by the main cast, and good reactions by the extras.

   Due to the apparently short timeframe for production, and that this is a Kickstarter backed movie, I am only deducting a fraction of a point for not using a real Aspie. Though I have to deduct two points for apparently only having Autism Speaks, an organization that promotes "curing" the condition of autism, as a consulting resource. So this is a recommended movie, but one that if rated on a scale would be a 7 3/4ths out of 10.

  Update: I just learned that I was incorrect about the Autism Speaks connection. So this would actually be a 9 3/4ths out of 10 kind of movie. Also please feel free to leave comments and possibly read them as well.


  1. Thanks for the review! Just to clarify- Autism Speaks was not a consultant on the film. Our autism consultant was Kerry Magro, a man who is on the spectrum himself. While he does work with Autism Speaks, our production is in no way connected to that organization. Hope that makes sense and thanks again for watching!

    1. Sorry about the mistake! I was going off how things were presented in interviews, and I heard something about the consultant having something to do with Autism Speaks so ergo the mistake. Also I too am on the Spectrum.


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