Ninjak Issue 14 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   Within the main story after the explosion of King's Castle there is a panel that shows the wreckage, and from my viewpoint it has a problem. Said problem is that colorfield painting (look it up) is used to create the body of water near the former castle. So in layman's terms two vastly different styles are used with the primary one being a realistic, but still standard, comic book style and the other being colorfield painting. However, this is but one panel of many in a story full of great art done in a realistic and not flat style.

  On the other side of this issue is "The Lost Files" story which relies heavily on the artist's visuals. It is very well done in terms of character designs, and has a widescreen action kind of panel layout. Though this story is a little less effective in terms of being accessible than the main story due to the lack of text. Yet I do think the small mentions of Ninjak's personal history from the main story does allow some access. Especially for anyone picking up this as their first intro to Ninjak/Valiant Comics, and those who may need a reminder for this issue's second story.



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