Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Demon Organizations Lack Logic Edition

1. Secret Weapons #2 (1993) has random emphasis on words and all caps lettering problems. Also there is one panel that is not printed right and thus looks blurry. The story also is not very accessible to those lacking knowledge of the characters or the original Valiant universe.

2. Superman #191 (1966) completely white-washing a non-white character's son. Also it just has contrived situations. Finally there is the obvious dislike by the writer for the main character via some of the first page's text.

3. Marvel Team-Up #10 (2005) has two summary pages in this single issue. Yes there are other problems, but c'mon that is just lame!

4. Marvel Team-up #4 (2005) is a book you can judge the quality of by the cover, which by the way is generically bad. It is pretty much a stock story, and it skims over lots of details that could provide depth. One possible detail is why the baddie is able to just stroll into his doppelgänger's place of work and yet there is not a security measure for alternate reality impostors. The main Marvel Universe should at least have that kind of security measure for the big businesses. This is especially true due to how many types of thefts happen on a monthly basis.


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