Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Pure Adventure Edition

1. Starman's debut story from Adventure Comics #61(1941) is basically just throwing random thoughts together to make a story while ripping off other brands.

2. Adventure Comics #61 (1941) also features a "Mark Lansing Of Mikishawm" story that desperately needed a recap and a slower pace.

3. Then issue 61 of Adventure Comics from 1941 gives us a 180 degree turn in terms of the quality of the "Federal Men" feature. Seriously, it starts decently and than changes to a turd of a tale.

4. Yet another one of Adventure Comics #61 (1941) bad narratives is "Steve Conrad, Adventurer." Mainly due to the racist, and linguistically challenged, sidekick named Chang. Though there are also the art problems, such as the character Blubber Blossom pulling a neck turn that should have killed him. (Think The Exorcist number of degrees kind of turn.)


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