Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Scuba Doo Edition

1. Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? #11 (1976) is all over the place in terms of narrative tones, styles, and ways logic can fail. I am still recovering from the amount of stupid this comic possesses. Avoid or you will regret your wasted time and brain cells!

2. The Inhumans origin story from Thor #147 (1967) has too much text. This ends up cluttering the art and slowing the pace. Also the ending is very anti-climatic. Finally the plot kind of feels like a few sentences or even a montage stretched out to be a story.

3. Metal Men #18 (1966) has a nonsensical flashback in the second "chapter" of its story. Also it then starts a fast degrade in storytelling.

4. The 2016 animated movie Justice League VS Teen Titans has some really annoying music during the fair scenes. It also fails at redoing the Trigon story by having it shoved in with two other stories. Said stories are heroes fighting heroes with which the title suggests the whole movie is about, and learning teamwork which is the focus for Damian/Robin. For no reason there is a glittering Magical Girl type transformation for Starfire, who is apparently an adult hero that is still in the Teen Titans. Finally characters complain about almost killing villains when this variant of the DC heroes have killed before.


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