Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Discontented Teammates Edition

1. Marvel Team-Up #2 published around late 2004, early 2005 is bad in a lot of ways. For example there is an unnecessary cameo of Nova (the Richard Rider version) that makes no sense and leaves the reader wondering if he will be back. Followed by Wolverine on a bus spit yelling at a passenger about something having healed. Besides the fact it is hard to talk while over salivating we never are told what healed. This makes the issue very inaccessible. The final example I am giving is the fact the villainous kid accidentally killed his father upon gaining power, and then turned serial killer for no logical reason.

2. Marvel Team-Up #5 circa 2005 has the hero Sunfire acting even more rash and thus stupider than normal. In other words the writing causes him to be a little out of character. Also the stupidity of the alternate Tony Stark regarding planning isolating a hostage except for a working phone near said hostage. Speaking of said hostage, how the hell does he directly call Peter Parker's classroom phone without having to go through the school's main office line?

3. Marvel Team-Up #3 circa 2005 has too many new plot threads introduced, and this causes the story to not flow organically.

4. Thanos: The Infinity Relativity is a pretty generic story that definitely comes across like a cash grab stunt. It is too decompressed. Not mention that despite being an original graphic novel it ends on a bleeping cliffhanger to set-up the next Jim Starlin penned Thanos story.


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