Recommended Comics List Of 4 No Escape From Punisher Edition

1. The Punisher: No Escape (1990) features the punisher teaming up with the U.S. Agent. Normally this would not work, but the way the story is structured makes it work. However this comic's ending feels a little contrived in the way the Punisher escapes a situation.

2. The "Peter And His Pup" story found in Adventure Comics #61 (April 1941) is simple and accessible. It has a beginning, middle, and end to the story. Though there is the flaw of breaking the 180 degree point of view rule. Due to it being a total of one page and its age I am overlooking that problem.

3. Solar, Man Of The Atom #20 (1993) is all caps shouty mad person on the lettering front, but it is overall a good story with quality art.

4. Millie The Model #185 from 1970 is a decent issue of an Archie and company clone. A lot of the jokes still land despite its age. The art is also competent.


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