Recommended Comics List Of 4 Plastic Millennium Edition

1. The essay by Les Daniels found in Millennium Edition: Police Comics #1 is essential reading for the comic scholars. Specifically those researching the golden age, African-American comic creators, Quality Comics, and Plastic Man.

2. The "Hourman" story from Adventure Comics #61 (1941) is flawed in a few ways, and yet it is actually quality material for a comic from the 1940s.

3. The "Paul Kirk, Manhunter" from Adventure Comics #61 is some high quality material for that 1941 in both the art and story. Though it has one major flaw in the initial panel having nothing to do with the narrative. A quick, logical tale that is in my opinion a good read.

4. Karnak #3 (2016) has finally started to hit a stride and may have gained a regular artist. Great interplay between the various other characters and Karnak. Warren Ellis is definitely making Karnak an even more interesting character than he already had been. Finally the last lines of this issue are probably going to be considered iconic by fans of the Inhumans and/or Warren Ellis.


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