Resurrectionists Issue 2 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   This issue's cover is merely okay. While it does have an epic design with strong line work it also has nothing to do with the interiors. As for the lettering there are no problems. The colors are a different story in that the lights and darks are fine, but the colors in the middle of the palette selection are just there. Though I do like the palette when considered as a whole work. Finally the dialogue and story are great, even if there are some scenes that could have been stronger. An example being when a guy loses his head and nobody really reacts about it for several panels.

    My verdict: Recommended for those interested in past lives and heist stories. This series can be found digitally through Dark Horse's various sales outlets.

   Note: I still think it is fairly standard in terms of the concept of past lives. If it involved animals or somewhere other than Ancient Egypt than it would be more inventive. However, I am trying to not let this shade the rest of the reviews I am doing on this series.


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