Sailor Moon Crystal Act 27 Infinity 1 Premonition Part 2 Opinion Piece

 Is it just me or is the academy infiltration/violin being played scene showing several different times of day & night? Seriously we start with the afternoon and then everything starts going random for the time being represented by amount of light in the sky.

   Despite that problem this is a good episode even though the beginning and ending felt a bit abrupt. Of course I think that is mainly the fact they split Act 27 into two parts. Though that makes me wonder if we will have more split acts in this season. Another thing I am wondering about is whether that cat was sleeping throughout its time being possessed.

   Finally Mamoru is sorta out of character by not keeping a better eye on Chibi-Usa. On the other hand she is older than him and still does not think to ask him to hold her hat. Cause roller coasters and loose objects do not mix well.


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