Sailor Moon Crystal Act 28 Infinity 2 Ripples Opinion Piece

   I don't think they should have padded this episode by essentially replaying several moments from the end of the last episode. That being said the musical selection really adds to the drama. Though I still wish they would translate the songs during the beginning and ending. I will also say that while this episode was better than the two part act 27 it feels a little uneven towards the end. No, I do not know why I believe that to be so.

   Questions! Is Hatoru able to heal things because of her Sailor Saturn powers, or is it due to the evil baddie that is keeping her alive? Is anyone else impressed by the gender equality/female empowerment message Haruka gives after defeating Makoto? Also should Michiru have given it instead due to the fact that Haruka may possibly be a Hermaphrodite? Yes, I am still touting that theory as well as the back-up theory that Haruka can shift between genders? Should an Official manga or anime series be created exploring the ancestors of Usagi? What about the history of the original Moon Kingdom and the origins of the enemies that would plague Usagi?


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