Sailor Moon Crystal Act 29 Infinity 3 Two New Soldiers Opinion Piece

  If one started with this episode as their first exposure to Sailor Moon as a brand would be confused by the opening. Not saying they couldn't get into it because it is a good episode just that the opening could have had the back tracking the last one had.

  Another thought that occurred to me is that the episode is better than the manga version. I say this due to the music actually being able to be heard and that is a plus. On the other hand the comic version is strictly visual so Michiru's playing a violin is unnecessary for consumers to see. Speaking of the music I found it a delight to hear, even if Michiru's concert could have had more focus and emotional impact.

 Questions! Why does Chibi-Usa trust Haruka and Michiru when she does not know them and has no reason to trust them? How come Chibi-Usa does not know anything about Haruka and Michiru? Are they dead by the time Chibi-Usa is able to remember things? If they are dead or off somewhere why has Chibi-Usa never been told about them? Does it bug anyone else that the ticket aspect of the plot was not communicated well between Mamoru and Usagi? Will the DVDs and/or Blu-Rays have translations of all opening and ending songs for this season?


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