The Steam Man Issue 2 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   This issue has a very big spoiler for those familiar with the author H.G. Wells. In fact this issue is more a summary of a reimagined version versus a true original work. That makes it kind of boring. Not to mention that the reveal of the villain and addition of yet another genre make this work both rushed and convoluted. Ongoing series should usually not break the momentum of the first issue in order to switch perspective for a villain origin. Yes, the perspective also changes from our heroes to the villain of the series narrating his origin a few pages into this issue. Ugh!

   On the plus side those who look at comics' visuals and can't, or don't, want to read the works will get visual treats from this comic. For instance horror lovers, and creators, will love the great gory aftermath featured on the cover. As for the interiors there are realistic looking human characters and amazing design work on backgrounds and foregrounds. An example of the design work is the great illusion of depth on the pages. Finally the color palette is applied expertly adding to the effectiveness of the art.

  Unfortunately I don't recommend it for those looking for something to read and look at.


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