Tomb Raider 2016 Series Issue 1 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  Having the opening being in the present while most of the issue is a flashback is a means of providing set-up. However, this causes a small degree of "made for the trade" feel. That being said the script seems strong in characterization and dialogue. Not to mention that it balances narrative high and low points pretty evenly. I will go as far to say that it is probably even better than the opening of the last ongoing to star Lara Croft.

  On the visual side of things the opening suggests Philip Sevey's ability to pace an action sequence. Also while Sevey does a great job for most of the issue he fails on showing a logical length for Lara's right toes when bare. This happens when they are being displayed to emphasize her discomfort from high-heels. Though this is not as problematic, in my opinion, as some yellow letters popping too much on a convention banner in two panels. Obviously this was a problem from the lettering front which may or may not have been ignored by the editor. (Honestly I feel these two problems are rather small versus other flaws that could have happened.)

   I very much recommend this for fans of the current games, those interested in good stories, and anyone who is looking for a new comic to try.


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